Studio Team and Professional Partners

PA - Sacha Wells
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Sacha is a freelance PA helping with many aspects of Bella's business, ranging from sales and administration through to web design and photography. She currently works for a number of other clients with varying backgrounds in business, film and wildlife sectors.

Sacha has a vast wealth of experience having spent nearly 20 years as a PA and Executive PA in the Media, IT and Oil and Gas industries. She was the PA to Alan Yentob, Creative Director of the BBC for 10 years.  Prior to this she worked for the Controller of BBC Four and at the BBC’s commercial arm – BBC Worldwide. She is also a member of the UK Association of Celebrity Assistants (UKACA), which is affiliated with NY and LA.

Photography (All Art Images) - Polly Eltes

Polly has been photographing Bella's original artwork for many years. She takes enormous pride in working to preserve the subtlety and purity of the colour and markmaking that is so signature in my artworks. Polly's photographs are used for the website, marketing and most notably used to create the stunning limited edition giclee prints sold by 'The Portfolio Collection'.

Photography (All other images) - Sacha Wells 

Framer - Andy McCann

Andy frames Bella's art work, sourcing the distinctive dark frames from specialist suppliers in Italy. A framer who pays great attention to detail and who instinctively knows what works with a picture, and hence, they have successfully collaborated with Bella for many years. Andy runs a busy framing business in Twickenham.

Portfolio Publisher of Bella's Work - Carol Simmonds

The Portfolio Collection have been sole publishers of Bella's work for well over 15 years. The highly successful collaboration has brought Bella's work to a huge international audience, especially in the USA. works well with Bella's attitude of engaging and informing.  

Artfair Sales - Caroline Sell

Caroline has worked with Pieroni Contemporary Art  for over 6 years at numerous art fairs. She is dynamic and a great communicator and this works well with Bella's attitude of engaging and informing. Being an artist herself, she is knowledgable on Bella's influences and techniques. She is a gem and has a great record in sales of Bella's work.

Artfair Sales - Amata Thaysen

Amata is a mould-maker and waxworker in the Bronze-casting industry. Having graduated from Glasgow School of Arts' Interior Design course in 2011, she has also worked in a range of creative industries such as Set Design. Amata is passionate about Theatre, Art, and Design, bringing energy and a strong aesthetic eye to any project. She has been working with Bella Pieroni for 10 years. 

Artfair Sales - Roxan Kevill 

Assisting with sales and new to the team, Roxan is a proffessional dancer and performer interested in all aspects of the arts especially photography.

Artfair Sales - Kira Freije

Kira is an artist who makes sculpture, working primarily with metal, screen print, casting and textiles. She has a keen interest in theatre, literature, interior design and architecture. She has known Bella Pieroni all her life and is excited to be working with her. 

Artist and Artfair Construction - Mark Pearson

Mark is an artist gaining his MA in painting from the Royal College of Art.  Mark brings his expertise in picture hanging to the team and is a useful technical advisor in all things art-related.

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